Halloween Exercise… wait, what?

Welcome to Celebrate Fitness Now, we’re opening this blog up on my favourite time of year, HALLOWEEN!

Spooky and fun, halloween is the perfect time to start your diet.  I mean seriously, why wait till AFTER you consume seven garbage bags full of candy. It’ll take you the month to work off all the calories!

Let’s start NOW. TODAY. YES.  Trick-or-treating with the kids is great exercise. Add some ankle weights and make a GAME of it. RUN from house to house!  Encourage your kids to only take one candy from each house and see how many you can get at the end of the night, 40 candies = 40 houses you have gone to. Make it a race!

After that, let the kids enjoy their treat after all their exercise and treat yourself to a glass of wine!  Okay, a piece of dark chocolate won’t kill ya!


halloween treats